Thursday, 16 November 2017

Life 6th-12th Nov.2017: Chats, Scones & A Fire Engine Visit

A  week typical of my lifestyle, though more TV than usual and fewer grandparent duties;  plus a fire engine visit!

Monday 6th November 2017

We were woken in the early hours of the morning i.e. 1am  by the  continuing bleeping of our smoke alarm - a sign that the batteries are running down, aggravated by cold weather.  I switched the heating on, hoping it would cease and tried to bury my head in the downie to drown out the irritating sound.  First phone call of the day must be to the Fire and Rescue Service to come and sort it. Woke up to a bitterly cold morning with heavy frost (the end of my nasturtiums and geraniums in the garden)  plus signs of sun -  but at least the house was nice and warm.  

Took the bus for the quick 3 mile journey into Melrose to meet a former work colleague for coffee and scones.   As ever we never stopped talking! I never tire of the journey to and from Melrose with the view of the Eildon Hills and the Leaderfoot Viaduct over the Tweed - the Borders at its best. 

Leaderfoot Viaduct

Back home to find N. had a homemade vegetable soup on the go  - just the ticket for lunch.  

Spent the afternoon  on the computer, preparing items for an  Auld Earlston meeting   and then finishing some crochet squares for the KAS (Knit a Square) Project, photographed  the squares and posted the images on the KAS Square Circle Forum page for November. 


Tea - salad (because I needed to use up items in the fridge) with home made oven chips, followed by a hot dessert - Eve’s Pudding.  

On TV watched It Takes Two - Strictly Come Dancing and  the quizzes Pointless and University Challenge whre I enjoy testing myself against the questions.  Then read my library book - realised that I  am into "comfort reading" and that a psychological thriller with lots of strange,suspicious happenings, is not conducive  to sleep.

Tuesday 7th November 2017
Our friendly Fire and Rescue team made an impressive arrival on their fire engine (after all they were on call) and they quickly fitted  a new smoke alarm.  A day of computer hassles, writing a post for the Auld Earlson blog featuring WW1 memorabilia from the group's archive collection. Spent far too long on it, so I am also going to feature it my own family history blog as well,  where  I always choose the theme of War and Remembrance  for November postings and have exhausted my own family stories.

Lunch - more of the soup.  Tea - mushroom pasta  and  roast peach halves, filled with biscuit crumble.

Auld Earlston Committee Meeting in the evening where we reviewed our recent very successful exhibition and slide show.  Home in time to catch on TV  the second half of Masterchef the Professionals.

Wednesday 8th November 2017  
Domestics in the morning and a visit to the hairdressers to get my hair trimmed where I had a good chat with M. about local history.  . Wednesday Club meeting  in the afternoon  more good chats with friends and as usual a lovely afternoon tea of goodies.  Posted my WW1 post on my own blog - have various other titles in my draft folder to work on, after a lean month in October.  

Tea  - fish  and fruit salad.

TV - for once a good evening for me - Pointless,  ITT Strictly, Masterchef the Professionals  where we were routing for the chef from the Lake District -  we always go for participnts from the north of  England or from Scotland - would that now be termed racism in these political correct times!   Then The Apprentice - it is compulsive viewing, particularly the final part in the board room, but it is so false!  The contestants were on a cruise ship and had to plan, sell and present a walking tour of Bruges. My 22 years in tourism hackles rose!  How could they lead a tour when they had never visited the place to do a recce, work out timings  and practice their commentary?     The cruise passengers were conned into paying nearly £100 each - stupid them -  but  I have a strong belief the TV production company would pay that. 

Thursday 9th November 2017
Lovely sunny morning and not as cold - joined the Walking Group  when we took cars up to Lauder  and walked  along the old Lauder Light Railway line.  Easy walking with clear blue skies and beautiful open countryside - very invigorating.  Back to Rhymers Cafe for  coffee and scones, plus friendly chat.   

Afternoon spent on (hopefully) finishing off Anne’s Family History narrative which I began some time ago and I must finish  before Christmas. 

ASDA groceries delivery  - this is such a boon, especially as we no longer have a car,  20 min. ordering on the IPad,  no 18 mile round trip to Galashiels, loading trolley, unloading trolley, filling bags,  etc.    Tea  mini pizzas (home made) and fresh fruit salad.

Usual TV - ITT Strictly good  and not as silly as it can get - I always like the spot on costumes and a good interview with Susan and Kevin, one of my favourite couples. Plus an absorbing  BBC4 programme  on the four Romanov daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra - I have always been fascinated by this period of Russian history and remember a complex spider's web chart I drew at university for revising the causes of the Russian Revolution. 

Friday 10th November  2017
Woke up early so read  in bed and finished my library book.  Lazy morning with a quick visit  from G and Nh. - In Service Training Day so no school and they were going  to see the new Paddington Bear film. 

Short bus journey down to Milestone Garden Centre for lunch.  We enjoyed the visit - lovely first impression as we  entered with the colourful Christmas displays - needless to say we did buy some additions for the tree.;  plus some cyclamen and heathers for the tubs in the front garden which I planted this afternoon.  Another sunny day with clear blue skies, but still very cold - definitely hat, scarf and gloves weather - 5C/41F.  

 Berries in the garden still giving a lovely splash of colour

TV  - Pointless, News, Mastermid and Only Connect quizzes.  On my I-pad  writing book reviews on Good Reads.   I am dreadful at remembering titles and authors of books I read, so this web site is ideal.  I do it for myself, not to get comments and enjoy reading what others think of the books.

Saturday 11th November 2017. 
Domestics  and on the computer drafting blog posts and clearing my e-mails build up.    I have had a great week on my blog.

Tea - usual Saturday winter comfort meal  - eg, poached egg, bacon, hash browns, mushrooms - plus pears for afters.    

TV's Strictly Come Dancing brilliant - even N. is following it, rather than escaping onto the computer.    Followed by the Festival of Remembrance in the Royal Albert Hall - very moving - Britain and BBC at their very best.  

Sunday 12th November 2017 
Sunshine streamed through the house for much of the day.  Watched the Remembrance Ceremony at the Cenotaph - again very stirring and moving.  Britain does this ceremonial so well.   Walked up to the Square afterwards and took photographs of Earlston War Memorial with the poppy wreaths.

Earlston War Memorial in the Gardens in the Square - 
with the White Hill in the background.

Tea - casserole, roast potatoes,  ice-cream and fruit salad,  TV - Songs of Praise, Strictly Dance Off and  new serial  of  E.M Fosters "Howards End".  


The post first published on my Family History Fun blog on November 12th
was  the impetus to me setting  up Journal Jottings 

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