Thursday, 16 November 2017

Introducing My New Blog

How many of us would like to find a journal of an ancestor, writing about  her (or his)  everyday life?  

Against that background, two recent online postings caught my eye.  We often write about our childhood memories, but what are are we doing to note down  our life today to leave a  record for our descendants? 
  • On my Reading List was an entry from Lisa of My Trails into the Past.  She refered to Randy Seaver of Genea-Musing who has started a  meme asking bloggers to record what they have been doing in the past seven days. 
  • Jessica Benjamin on We Are Genealogy Bloggers sparked a discussion, seeking  advice on encouraging bloggers to contribute their journal entries. 
I decided to take up Randy's challenge - and  had such a positive reaction to this initial  post,  that I decided to launch a separate blog.


A Bit of Background Information
i  live with my husband  in the village of Earlston in the Scottish Borders, a rural area of small towns, rolling hills and flowing rivers.  I am retired, but quite involved in my community and with my daughter and family who live close by.  

I will be writing about my rural lifestyle, my day to day life and my activities, plus thoughts on the world around me - TV, News Items etc.,   but not my innermost thoughts on family and friends - they remain my innermost thoughts!  

DO READ ON   and do get in touch with your comments, as they mean a lot to me.  


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