Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Life 13th-19th Nov 2017: Yoga, An Italian Experience & Visiting the "Boys".

A week of exercise, sampling Italian food, visiting Chocolate and Marshmallow (you will have to read on to find out more) and ending  with a frustrating computer breakdown.

Monday 13th November 2017.
Bitterly cold day.  Went to Melrose for the post office (we lost ours in the village earlier this year); also visited the library (in the square and so much more convenient than in Earlston where it is a good 20mim walk away in the High School.  

Of course to kill time before the bus back, we had to go to our current favourite offee shop/restaurant - Marmions - N. had coffee and walnut cake, whilst I opted for a delicious scone with wee pots of butter and jam - none of those fiddly little catering pats that are tricky to open!

Home and made vegetable soup for lunch.  Busy afternoon blogging.

Tuesday 14th November 2017
As one of the Wednesday Club catering team, I was invited to a committee meeting to discuss our afternoon tea policy.  Bit of a waste of time and I am still confused as to how many pieces I should be making - the club has 52 members, so a lot to cater for with sandwiches or sausage rolls, scones, cakes and tray bakes

Allowed myself to be persuaded to keep C. company at a new yoga class in the primary school.  I have never had the slightest bit of interest in yoga, so why on earth did I say “yes”?
Yoga, Pose, Women, Female, Meditation
I did manage this pose - for a short time until my knees told me otherwise -
 not me in the image I hasten to add.   Courtesy Pixabay 

I was glad I went as a taster, but I haven't changed my mind - yoga is not for me.  I feel  much healthier, fitter and invigorated after going to Aquafit.   

Wednesday 15th  November 2017.
Woke  at 4.25am and could not get back to sleep, so a dozy start to the day.  My equivalent to “counting sheep” strategy did not work e,g. counting 50 states of the USA, 32 old counties of Scotland, composers A.to Z.  Good session on computer on draft of “Women on the Home Front” based in Gd. research work in Hawick.

I have had such a good reaction on my Family History Facebook page  to my  post on "7 Days of My Life", I have decided to create  this separate blog - though it tested my basic IT skills, as it is such a  long time since I last set up a blog.    

Thursday 16th November 2017
Mill Meadow  walk down to the Haughhead Bridge.

Leader Water
 I like photographing trees throughout the different seasons - here I was struck by the lovely shape of the branches. 

WRI  (Womens' Rural Institute) meeting with  the speaker recounting her  experiences of living in Italy for 25 years.  It was in a village about the size of Earlston, 30 miles north of Rome and very much a rural lifestyle in a rented farm cottage, with an erratic water supply, and surrounded by vines and olive trees.   The contrast with here in terms of the fresh food shops available locally - bread, pasta, vegetables etc. - was striking.  J. had brought with her recipes and two of her favourite Italian dishes for us to sample - antipasti savories (courgettes, mushrooms, peppers, aubergines, salami, mozzarella, olives, salami), followed by a delicious raspberry & amaretti crunch cake, which I must try.

Friday 17th November 2017
Into Galashiels for shopping.  The last thing N. said was "Don''t overload yourself" - but of course I did, but so nice to get something different in the food line. So  tea was courtesyy of M & S. (Marks and Spencers) - quiche and salads.  Crocheted in the evening, making decorations for the Church Christmas Tree project - more of that later.

Saturday 18th November 2017
A fine day with glimmers of sunshine,  so I went out with my camera into Mill Bank Woods.  Called into G. on the way to see the latest members of the family -"the boys"  - Chocolate and Marshmallow - two guinea pigs. who are being royally looked after by Nh.

On with my walk
Craisgsford Bridge, built c.1737 and once the main road to Edinburgh.

                             Looking down on Leader Water from Mill Bank Woods

TV - Strictly Come Dancing live from the Tower Ballroom. Blackpool, where my parents met in 1936!  Great Saturday  entertainment at home, accompanied by a drink and chocolates!
Sunday 19th November 2017.
Lazy morning, sunny outside so we walked up to Speedy’s Wood and came back for bacon and mushroom sandwiches - our favourite Sundsy brunch.  

N. was on the computer when it crashed.  We got a light on the hard drive   But nothing in the screen which we have not had all that long.  I was on such a roll with my blogs and need the main computer to attach photographs.   Just hope D. our computer advisor can come round soon.  At times,  computers call for great patience!!


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  1. Far too often computers call for great patience! Love your sleep strategy :) I’m enjoying seeing your seasonal activities and photos.