Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Facebook Censure, A Blogging Bonanza and Some Happy Moments

LIFE:  29th January- 4th February 2018
It came as a bit of a shock to get an e-mail from Facebook, saying I had contravened their standards and code of practice in a post I had written (post not specified).  I can only think of one that someone may have complained about and I cannot even remember the topic under discussion, with most of my feeds genealogy based.    There was a comment I responded to  about "Who on earth wants to visit Lancashire - it is all dark satanic mills"? 

Girl, Computer, Notebook
Image - Pixabay
Perhaps it was a  “tongue in cheek” remark, but  my hackles rose in defence of  my birth county and I responded instinctively and quickly  saying "Rubbish" and went on to name some beautiful parts of rural Lancashire. 

I asked Facebook to cite which of my comments was the subject of the complaint  (they never responded to this) and I  apologized if this had caused offense.  I also gave my side of the incident. 

However the next e-mail  upheld the complaint against me.  They are in for a busy time, when I glance at some of the posts in my Facebook Feed,  where I have come across some very vicious personal remarks, usually on party political matters and on members of the royal family. A lesson learnt ! 

Since January I seem to be on a roll with blogging activity  and this week was a good one.
  • Wrote up  the previous week’s activities on  "Journal Jottings".  The page views have not been great, so I posted something about  my new blog on my personal Facebook page and got some encouraging comments. 
  • For Family History Fun, Week 5 of the prompt  "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks" was on the theme of Census Discoveries.   I focused on the life of my great great grandfather Henry Danson (1806-1881) as revealed by decades of census returns.

    My ancestral home c.1999!!  
    Henry Danson was living here in the 1841 and 1851 census when it was a household of eleven family and  two farm servants. 
    How did they all fit in what looked like a smallish farm house?

  • It was so relevant to the census theme, I had to post a press cutting of 1871 that I came across some time ago,   in which the writer (a man of course!) deplored the way women wished to hide their age from the "Bogey Man i.e. Census Man" -  an entertaining read!
  • Began the next post for Auld Earlston - a history of the churches in Earlston .  That is quite a challenge   as it was a complex story of the three churches in the village separating, and reuniting down two centuries, but disputes over which buildings to retain.    A good selection of photographs hopefully will help to create interest.
Earlston Parish Church, c.1900

  • Had a good catch up on my blog Reading List.  I must admit I am not good at finding time to read other blogs and make comments  - so how can I expect other readers to respond to me! 
Once the weather improves, I might not be so inclined to be at the computer, when the garden beckons for some work  outside.  

To end on some happy notes.
  • I have lost a bit of weight! I don't quite know how, as N. and I do like our mid morning cups of tea/coffee with biscuits , or even better,  scones when we are out.  I believe in the 80/20 rule for dieting - eat sensibly  80% of the time and you can afford to indulge yourself  for 20%. 
  • "Will You Write Some Book Reviews for Us?  That was the request on my library visit last week.  So I must look back at past reviews  I have written on the website Good Reads.  Something else to fit into my computer time!
  •  Finally - a lovely picture of Nh. enjoying a new mount at riding, though the horse did look rather big for her! 

Journal Jottings   
Recording my everyday life for future family historians  
 Developed from the "Genea-Pourri" prompt  on Randy Seaver’s blog Genea-Musings
I decided to change his title for my own version of this weekly online diary.


  1. So sorry you had such a problem with Facebook! I very rarely respond in any way (comment or even 'like') to any posted thing unless it is someone I know and know well. Anything I don't like I simply mark I don't want to see any more of that person's posts and let it go at that. Also, after a bad experience with trying to watch a funny video from someone I didn't know and then having a foreign pop-up appear on my screen that I couldn't get rid of until an expert talked me through deleting it, I don't do that anymore either.

    1. Thanks, Gail, for your advice. I still feel I am a Facebook novice. I did wonder if the original Facebook email was a scam, and don’t accept any Facebook request to be Friends unless I know the person. On the other hand I have found very helpful the family history discussion pages I signed up for, but they are closed groups. We learn all the time!